A day in




Start your day by browsing through a unique collection of multi-brand beachwear, accessories and clothes at our boutique. Style your way to the Paraj beach and make an indelible impression by matching the beauty of the scenery.

A day in Paraj
The times you treasure
The place you love
Beach Life

Comfortable loungers, cool shades and a breathtaking view are all prerequisites for great summer days. Follow the sunshine to the Paraj beach and we’ll offer it all, plus the Paraj aesthetics and the royal treatment. They will most definitely intensify the pleasure.

Float through the seconds
A day in Paraj
A day in Paraj
A day in Paraj

In front of the sea, find a taste that moves in waves, a perfect coordination of Mediterranean Greek flavours and creativity. As the sun sets, but the sea is still discernible, you will be served fresh culinary wisdom. And you will share it with others. And you will never forget.

A day in Paraj
Linger in the moments
A day in Paraj
Follow the rays of gold
Rediscover joy

From the classic favourites to some entirely fresh mixes, you can try infinite cocktail options by the sea and at the bar while moving to the rhythm of the early beats or while enjoying your satisfying lunch at the restaurant.

Move to the summer sound
Stay in the beat
A day in Paraj

A perfect ending to a perfect day is only the beginning. It starts early enough to be more than enough. A party that will uplift the collective summer spirit in Mykonos and set new records for luxurious celebration in the islandic dance scene. You wouldn’t miss it for the world.